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1000 AD (Medieval Ages Documentary) - Timeline

What city did the Portuguese seize which was the most important Arab trading city. Why weren't the Ming rulers of China interested in trading with the Europeans? Why was Korea known as the "Hermit Kingdom"?

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They did not allow foreigners to come to Korea. How did China, Korea and Japan deal with western nations? How did ming limit European traders in China? What happened to Mughal rule in India after Akbar? Religious toleration ends leading to civil war, turmoil, and drains the resources.

Why were the Chinese not eager to trade with Europeans? View profile Send e-mail. Chalaby, J. Advertising in the global age: Transnational campaigns and pan-European television channels.

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Global Media and Communication , 4 2 , pp. The first pan-regional satellite TV stations in Europe ran into financial difficulties because too few companies had the interest and ability to run international advertising campaigns.

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Their financial shape improved with the upturn of the pan-European advertising market in the s.