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La Catedral

Composer Time Period Comp. Pieces ; For guitar ; Scores featuring the guitar ; For 1 player.

Contents 1 Performances 1. Editor Eythor Thorlaksson.

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The Guitar School , Plate Javascript is required for this feature. We had always planned to spend the Friday evening of our trip to Mexico going to see the Super Friday show, but by luck, we happened to be attending the week of the Aniversario, the biggest event of the year, when CMLL celebrates its birthday with a card full of important matches.

These kinds of stakes are common at major lucha libre shows; the biggest matches often feature the loser giving up their masks or their hair.

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Vendors called for passersby to stop and examine their stalls full of masks, each of them a token of remembrance for the legends who had passed through the arena before. I bought four, myself, my own mementos of the pilgrimage before my companion grabbed me by the scruff and we made our way inside. It is functional, but not at all ornamented.


Unlike a Catholic cathedral, the interior is not meant to bring one to a state of awe in the face of the Christian god; it is meant to efficiently move thousands of people to and from their seats several times a week. But those sorts of utilitarian concerns are not ultimately what makes a place holy.

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In the entry foyer, just before the matches were set to begin, a masked wrestler named Atlantis — a legend in his own right who had headlined the Aniversario a few years before despite being in his 50s — stood taking photographs with children. One could imagine similar set-ups reaching back decades, as the crowds of mostly working-class Mexicans poured in for the peculiar mixture of sport, theater, and ritual that is lucha libre.

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I smiled and whispered the goddess a prayer. It seemed only appropriate to do so before entering a cathedral.

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